Our team


Part of our team culture is the VALUES we are guided by in our day-to-day operations.

Wind Service Employees

Our priority is passionate people, ready to take up the challenge and develop together with us. Comprehensive and efficient management of wind parks with a total installed capacity of 328 MW requires our dedication and constant improvement of our skills. The energy transition process that is taking place in Europe, and the resultant RES development offer us an opportunity to be constantly broadening our knowledge and gaining more experience in the energy markets undergoing a dynamic transformation. The advances in power generation, transmission and storage technologies are also of substantial significance for our operations. We want to actively participate in those processes.

Wind Service Head Office in Warsaw

The Warsaw Head Office of Wind Service is the administrative wind park management center. It houses the following departments:
- administrative
- financial
- energy sales
- „Żyj z energią”

Management Board:
Jarosław Bańka, President of the Management Board
Alexander George, Vice President of the Management Board

Sińczyca Service Center

The Sińczyca Service Center is a team of more than 20 professional technicians whose task is to maintain above 100 General Electric wind turbines located in the Darłowo, Malechowo, and Ustka Municipalities.

Tymień Service Center

The team of the Tymień Service Center is responsible for a wide range of maintenance tasks performed on more than 30 Vestas turbines located in the Będzino, Darłowo, and Ustronie Morskie Municipalities.


  • We are team players

  • Respect is of the essence

  • People matter

  • Always one step ahead

  • Green ideas