Wind is our energy

About us

We were one of the first entities in Poland to take up the challenge of comprehensively managing, maintaining, and operating wind turbines owned by the member companies of our Wind Invest group. We were able to do so thanks to our vast experience in the wind power sector, dating back to the early 2000s, when we constructed the first wind park in Poland composed of wind turbines with a capacity of more than 1 MW.

Wind Service, incorporated in 2009, has now supreme expertise in wind turbine management and operation. Our internal resources are fully sufficient to handle our wind parks on our own. We perform any work necessary to maintain the turbines, including to conduct scheduled maintenance tasks, inspections, and repairs. We can thus keep energy losses to a minimum and have the turbines run at their maximum possible effectiveness.

As we put safety first, we make sure that our employees’ workplace environment is safe and friendly.

We have put in place innovative technical solutions, thus protecting the environment and caring for local communities’ wellbeing.


20 years of experience

12 wind parks - 150 turbines

328 MW of installed capacity

Advantages of wind power

  • environmentally-friendly

    wind-based energy generation has no adverse impact on the ecosystem, and actually helps protect it, as the process of converting wind power into electricity does not involve greenhouse gas emission

  • clean energy

    wind-based energy generation does not result in soil or water pollution, and the erection of wind turbines on land intended for agriculture does not in any way prevent further use of such land for that purpose

  • benefits to local communities

    continued development of the wind power sector means also new jobs for local community members

  • regional development

    taxes paid to local governments not only help accelerate local infrastructure development, but also contribute to promoting culture and education among children and youth