Wind Service Dystrybucja


Wind Service Dystrybucja Sp. z o.o.
ul. Gotarda 9, 02-683 Warszawa
NIP: 5213548032
REGON: 14215790600000
District Court for the City of Warsaw
13th Commercial Division of the National Court Register of Business Entities, under number KRS 0000343639

About company

Wind Service Dystrybucja sp. z o.o. has the status of a Distribution System Operator and provides electricity distribution services in Zachodniopomorskie (West Pomerania) Province, and specifically in the Municipalities of Darłowo, Sianów and Biesiekierz, and Koszalin.




The grid infrastructure for which Wind Service Dystrybucja acts as a Distribution Network Operator is composed of the following facilities:
- GPZ Sińczyca, a 30/110 kV private transformer substation housing a 85 MVA transformer
- GPZ Jeżyczki, a 30/110 kV private transformer substation housing three transformers (2 x 75 MVA and 1 x 85 MVA)
- 110 kV single-circuit transmission line connecting the 110/30 kV GPZ Jeżyczki substation to the 110/30 kV GPZ Sińczyca substation
- GPZ Dunowo Wiatraki, a 110/400 kV transformer station housing a 250 MVA transformer
- 110 kV double-circuit transmission line connecting the GPZ Dunowo substation to the 30/110 Jeżyczki substation.
This infrastructure is connected to the transmission grid through a 400 kV power line running from the point of interconnection (section No. 10 at the Dunowo station owned by PSE S.A.) to the 400/110 kV transformer at the 110/400 kV GPZ Dunowo substation.



GPZ Sińczyca substation
GPZ Sińczyca substation
GPZ Jeżyczki substation
GPZ Jeżyczki substation
GPZ Dunowo substation
GPZ Dunowo substation